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Behind the Scenes: The Transformation of a Gulf Shores Condo


Gulf Shores and Orange Beach are idyllic destinations for those seeking sanctuary by the sea. With the market bustling with beach condos for sale in Gulf Shores and beach homes for sale in Gulf Shores, Alabama, Emily Duncan Designs recently embarked on a captivating project that underscores a passion for transforming spaces into peaceful havens by the water's edge. This blog post takes you behind the scenes of a Gulf Shores condo transformation, illustrating a comprehensive approach from conceptualization to the big reveal.

Sharing the Dream

The initial phase involved a deep dive into the Andersons' lifestyle, preferences, and aspirations for their new beach condo. Understanding the importance of functionality without compromising on aesthetics, we curated mood boards that combined coastal elegance with modern practicality. Themes of soft neutral palettes accented with hues of blues and greens emerged, intending to mirror the panoramic views of the Gulf.

Creating the Vision

Our work began with a meeting with the Andersons, a lovely couple who had just purchased one of the beachfront condos for sale in Orange Beach, Alabama. Dreaming of a retreat that mirrored the serenity and beauty of the coast, they sought the expertise of an interior designer in Orange Beach, AL, to bring their vision to life. Emily Duncan and her team were thrilled to take on this project, aiming to infuse the space with elements that reflected the essence of the beach while ensuring a comfortable, inviting environment. The condo would not only need to meet the needs of the Andersons but also be globally appealing since they plan to use the unit as a short-term rental as well.

The Andersons envisioned a space that married functionality with the aesthetic of the coastal landscape, aiming for a design that would allow them and their guests to feel perpetually on vacation. A key to their vision was the incorporation of natural materials, a palette inspired by the surrounding seascape, and an open, airy layout that maximized views of the ocean. Echoing their love for gathering with family and friends, they also emphasized the importance of creating welcoming, communal spaces that encouraged social interaction and relaxation.

Designing and Planning

Armed with a clear vision, the next step was meticulous planning and design. Given the booming interest in beach rentals in Orange Beach and beach condos for sale in Gulf Shores, it was crucial to create a distinctive space that stood out. We proposed an open-plan living area to maximize the natural light and picturesque views, alongside selecting sustainable materials and local art to anchor the design in its coastal context.

Emily and her team, understanding the dual purpose of the condo as both a personal retreat and a rental property, focused on integrating durable, yet luxurious materials that could withstand the wear and tear of frequent use. They chose high-quality, easy-to-clean flooring options, such as ceramic tiles that mimic the look of sun-bleached wood, to offer both practicality and a sandy, beach-inspired aesthetic. Furnishings were selected with an emphasis on comfort, durability, and versatility, including modular sofas that could be reconfigured for different settings and gatherings. To capture the essence of the Gulf Shores, the design incorporated subtle maritime elements, avoiding clichéd nautical themes for a more sophisticated seaside ambiance. Custom lighting fixtures, inspired by natural elements like driftwood and sea glass, were strategically placed to enhance the condo's serene and inviting atmosphere.

Construction and Transformation

The transformation of the condo required not just aesthetic changes but substantial construction work to align the structure with the Andersons' vision. One of the significant shifts was replacing the outdated carpeting with tile flooring. Emily and her team chose a high-quality porcelain tile that exuded the natural beauty of weathered beechwood, not only for its durability and ease of maintenance but also for its contribution to the coastal vibe of the condo. This change necessitated a complete overhaul of the flooring system, involving the removal of the old carpet, preparation of the subfloor, and meticulous installation of the new tiles to ensure a long-lasting finish.

In parallel, the walls received a fresh coat of paint, transforming the ambiance of the condo with a palette inspired by the sands, waters, and skies of Gulf Shores. Choosing the right hues was critical to achieving a balance between a light, airy feel and a cozy, intimate atmosphere. The painting process involved detailed prep work, including patching minor imperfections and sanding for a smooth surface, followed by the application of high-quality, eco-friendly paint. This not only refreshed the walls but also contributed to the overall healthiness of the indoor environment by using low-VOC paints.

Throughout this construction phase, Emily and her team managed every detail, coordinating with trusted contractors to ensure that all work was completed to the highest standards. Time management was crucial, as the condominium needed to be ready for the peak rental season. Emily's experience in similar projects allowed her to anticipate potential challenges and mitigate them before they could impact the project timeline. She maintained open communication with the Andersons, providing regular updates throughout the process.

The Big Reveal!

After weeks of work and anticipation, the transformation was complete. The Andersons were welcomed into their revamped beachfront condo, now a perfect blend of luxury and comfort. The living room, with its panoramic windows, offered unobstructed views of the Gulf, while the master suite became a sanctuary of peace with its spa-like bathroom. Every detail, from the kitchen backsplash to the outdoor living space, was a testament to the collaborative spirit between the homeowner and designer.

The condo itself is a masterpiece of design and functionality, covering an expansive 1,500 square feet. It features two bedrooms and two bathrooms, perfect for hosting family and friends. The kitchen, a marvel of modern design, is equipped with state-of-the-art appliances, quartz countertops, and a spacious island that serves both as a prep area and a casual dining spot. In the living room, a custom-built, wall-mounted entertainment unit adds a touch of elegance, while the large, comfortable sectional sofa invites guests to relax and take in the stunning ocean views. The master bedroom, with its king-sized bed, luxurious linens, and delicate coastal decor, offers a serene retreat, while the second bedroom is designed with flexibility in mind, featuring twin beds that can be converted into a king, making it ideal for any guest configuration. Out on the balcony, durable, stylish outdoor furniture sets the stage for memorable evenings watching the sunset over the Gulf. Throughout the condo, the integration of smart home features, such as automated blinds, climate control, and security systems, ensures convenience and peace of mind for both the owners and their guests.


The transformation of the Andersons' Gulf Shores condo is a showcase of Emily Duncan Designs' commitment to excellence in interior design in Gulf Shores, AL. It underscores our belief that a well-designed space not only reflects the owner's personality but also enhances their quality of life. Whether you're considering purchasing one of the many beach condos for sale in Orange Beach, AL, or looking to refresh your existing property, our team is ready to bring your vision to life. In the vibrant market of beach rentals in Orange Beach and beach homes for sale in Gulf Shores, Alabama, a thoughtfully designed space can make all the difference.

Emily Duncan Designs specializes in transforming beach properties into stunning, personalized retreats. If you're drawn to the allure of coastal living or considering investing in the vibrant markets of beachfront condos for sale in Orange Beach, Alabama, or elsewhere in the Gulf Shores, reach out today to discover the extraordinary potential of your space.